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Are you moving to a new location and need some professional support to make a smooth transition?

Let Lone Star Communications make this happen for you. Whether you are moving a whole company to a new location or whether you are moving a department across the hall, Lone Star Communications is prepared to make this happen smoothly. Lone Star Communications has the tools and the experience to make your relocation a well-coordinated effort that will save you time and money. Let us give you a all-in-one solution or work with your Project Manager on a per seat or hourly basis. Lone Star Communications has the flexibility and the options you need for your relocation.

Relocate with ease.

We will provide IT professionals to handle the disconnect of your equipment. It will be "tagged and bagged" and then placed on carts designed solely for transporting this type of equipment. The equipment will remain on its original cart until it reaches it new destination. Once it reaches its new destination, IT professional personnel will then place the equipment where the customer has designated it to go on the desktop. It will be re-installed and tested to make sure it is functional. A Quality Assurance team will remain on-site for any issues that may need to be cleaned up once the end-users return to utilize their equipment.

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